Co-Founder & CEO

Riccardo Romolini

Born in Umbria, Riccardo spent his childhood in a small Tuscan town, Caprese Michelangelo, the birthplace of Buonarroti. Over the years he has developed a deep interest in the history of his territory, which soon became a passion for architecture, art and antiques.

After the scientific high school diploma, Riccardo studied "Agricultural Sciences" at the University of Perugia.

After having attended the course as a real estate agent at the Arezzo Chamber of Commerce, he passed the final exam resulting in the best candidate in the entire province.

Riccardo is a third level AIS Sommelier.

In 2004, together with his wife Marta, he founded Romolini Immobiliare, choosing the characteristic medieval village of Anghiari as its headquarters. Since 2008 he has been the exclusive affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate and since 2018 a member of Christie's Master Circle Vineyards & Wineries Expert Advice.

He is esteemed by his clients for his professionalism, in-depth knowledge of the international real estate market, as well as for innate diplomatic skills that have led him, over the years, to numerous excellent results.

Riccardo is patient, creative and charismatic. He is fond of photography and Japanese gardens.

He lives in Tuscany together with his wife Marta and their three children.


Co-Founder - Administrator & Sales Director

Marta Brunellini Romolini

Marta was born in Umbria and grew up in Tuscany.

After a scientific high school diploma, she got a university degree in Philosophy.

In 2002 she joined her husband Riccardo in the real estate business. In 2004, they founded Romolini Immobiliare.

She lives in Tuscany with her husband, their three children and their dog Dado.

Marta is open, sincere and determined.

She is a long-distance runner and a marathoner.


Sales Manager

Danilo Romolini

Danilo was born in Arezzo, Tuscany, in March 2000 and is the firstborn of Riccardo and Marta Romolini.

He traveled a lot since he was very young and he attended various Language courses in UK and USA. He completed his secondary school in Ireland where he obtained his diploma in 2019.

He was only four when his parents founded Romolini Immobiliare and, having seen how much effort and love they have put into their job over the years, he has always felt part of it.

At the beginning of 2020 he joined the business bringing innovative ideas, enthusiasm and dedication. In May 2020, during the CoVID pandemic, he started presenting guided property tours on the company's YouTube channel.

Being grown in a naturally and architecturally beautiful environment he developed a love for Beauty. He loves architecture, antiques, sports cars and watches while his hobbies are artistic drawing and fishing.

Danilo is creative, ambitious and determined.


Senior Office Coordinator

Anna Brunellini

Born in Umbria and grown up in TuscanyAnna has a high school diploma in Foreign Languages and a University degree in Economics. She joined Romolini Immobiliare in 2005.

Thanks to her positive attitude and her strong dedication, she grew a lot in business throughout the years. She is now an expert professional. Anna is trusted to be very patient in listening to the clients' needs and providing them with prompt tailored service.

Anna is open, smart and diplomatic.

She loves running, mountain biking, swimming and traveling.

She lives in Tuscany with her family and her dog Bruno.


Senior Sales Manager - Licensed Real Estate Agent

Gionatan Guidi

Gionatan was born and grew up in Umbria, gaining an in-depth knowledge of the nearby Tuscan territory over the years.

After graduating as an accountant, he attended the real estate agent school successfully passing the final exam.

After six years of experience in the real estate business, in 2006 he joined Agenzia Romolini Immobiliare, enriching the group with his experience and professionalism.

Agent valued by colleagues and customers for his seriousness, and for the great dedication to his profession, Gionatan lives in Umbria with his family.

Gionatan is a passionate runner and marathoner.


Sales Manager - Licensed Real Estate Agent

Federico Cavalieri

Federico was born and grew up in Umbria.

After obtaining the diploma as a mechanical engineer, he attended the course for real estate agent and brilliantly passed the qualification exam.

In 2015 he started collaborating with Romolini Immobiliare joining the team and quickly earning the appreciation of colleagues and customers.

Federico is serious, sincere and determined.

His hobbies are fishing and mountain biking.

Federico currently lives in Umbria with his family.


Marketing Coordinator

Anna Paoletti

Anna was born and grew up in Tuscany where she currently lives with her family.

After graduating in Languages, she obtained a three-year university degree in “Languages and intercultural communication” and, subsequently, a master's university degree in "Modern Languages and Literatures and Foreign Languages for International Communication" with full marks.

In 2012 she joined Romolini Immobiliare as a manager of German translations as well as an assistant for German-speaking clients.

Anna is appreciated by both clients and colleagues for her sweet and reserved character as well as for the dedication and precision which she carries out her work with.

She loves traveling, art, cinema, reading and she loves cats.


Marketing Coordinator

Lorenzo Tecchioli

Lorenzo was born and grew up in Tuscany, where he currently lives with his family.

After the secondary school diploma, achieved with full marks, he graduated in "Languages for intercultural and business communication" with the highest marks and honors.

Lorenzo then joined Romolini Immobiliare in June 2017, enriching the group with his expertise in various sectors, his dedication and great seriousness.

Responsible for drafting the descriptive texts of the properties, Lorenzo has always had a great passion for IT and is, therefore, the person in charge of the internet back office.

Passionate about history and ancient languages, Lorenzo also loves taking walks in the beautiful Tuscan countryside.


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