Christie's - The auction house

Christie’s is a name that immediately speaks of extraordinary art, unrivaled service, expertise and global reach. Established by James Christie in 1766, Christie’s has led the greatest and most appreciated auctions since then, offering an invaluable showcase for everything that’s wonderful and unique.

Christie’s offers almost 350 yearly auctions spanning over 80 categories, among which art, jewelry, photography, collections and wines deserve a spotlight. Prices range from $ 200 up to over $ 1.000.000.

What’s more, Christie’s has a long-running and successful history in private sales for its clients in many fields, with a special focus on Post-war and Contemporary, Impressionist & Modern and jewelry.

Christie’s has a global presence in 46 countries, with 10 salesrooms in the most beautiful and renowned cities in the world: London, New York, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Amsterdam, Dubai, Zürich, Hong Kong and Beijing. In recent times, Christie’s led the market with large-scale initiatives in emerging countries such as Russia, China, India and United Arab Emirates, with successful sales and exhibitions in Beijing, Mumbai and Dubai.


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